Our Physiotherapists provide postoperative in-patient discharge consultations for a number of the surgeons at Glengarry Private Hospital.

You will be visited the morning after your surgery and may be given exercises relevant to your condition. Shoulder patients will be given a shower sling where required.

Patients having ankle or knee surgery will require crutches (preferably elbow crutches) for use in the afternoon after their surgery. These are not supplied by the hospital and need to be sourced privately. These can be hired from some pharmacies or supplied by our practice at a fee of $50, with a $20 discount off an outpatient (in clinic) physiotherapy consultation if the crutches are returned in good condition. If this is your preferred option, you can collect the crutches from our clinic anytime between 7am to 7pm weekdays or 8am to 12pm Saturdays, they will be adjusted to fit your height and you will be given guidance on how to use them. This will happen at your postoperative consult if the crutches are not collected from us prior to surgery.

Please call 9300 8022 or complete the form below* to reserve a set of crutches for your surgery.

*One of our receptionists will call to confirm and discuss collection times.

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